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Midnight Madness (1980 – PG)

February 19, 2009

Originally posted in late September or early October 2003.

Well, I suppose I should get right into the movie reviews, eh?

What better movie to start with than the namesake of the site, Midnight Madness?

When I think of the quintessential eighties movies, I think of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Poison Ivy, and Midnight Madness among many others. You have to realize my fondness of all things eighties may skew my perception of this film. I was born in ’79, so the eighties hold a special place in my life and my heart. It’s not every decade that you learn to wipe your own butt after all.

Midnight Madness was made in 1980 spawning a decade of fantastic yet unbelievable comedies. This classic pits several cliques at a college against each other in a no holds bar scavenger hunt for the only thing of worth in life… bragging rights. The spoiled rich kid clique is headed by Stephen Furst, who is perhaps best known for his roles in Animal House and Babylon 5. The other groups include the good guys, the nerdy sorority girls, and, of course, the jocks. None of the actors or actresses are that noteworthy save for Michael J. Fox’s film debut as the younger nuisance of a brother to the leader of the good guys, and Pee Wee Herman’s cameo as a arcade employee.

The various groups struggle with the clues that lead them to the next location in the city often stealing information from or sabotaging the other contestants. Eventually, the good guys win. Big surprise right? It wouldn’t be a great movie of the eighties if that wasn’t the case. Consider the creator of the event, Leon, perhaps the geekiest actor to have ever graced the silverscreen, yet he is constantly draped by two gorgeous college beauties, and seems to be the life of the party. Did I mention that eighties movies tend to be unbelievable? In addition, after a night full of chaos and destruction, the groups are aided in celebration by several dozen people including the police who seem to have no problem with their criminal behavior as long as everyone had a good time.

Lame jokes, unbelievable events, a few quality stars, and a comedic classic of the eighties is born. Perhaps the moron sidekick of the spoiled rich kid sums it up best when he so wisely says, “Fagabeefy?”

Final score 89%

I couldn’t find the trailer, but apparently you can watch the whole film on YouTube. I can’t post video clips of music and edited video, but YouTube is just fine with complete films.

(EDIT from 2009 – Later, I introduced the new scoring, and the following is what I said for Midnight Madness.)

Plot = 7
Acting = 6
Score/Soundtrack = 7
Catch phrase = 8
Mystique – 9
Total = 37/50 ok, so with the new system its a much lower score, but it was an eighties film, and therefore receives a 8 point bonus giving a final score of 45/50 or 90% Again only 1% off. Hehe.

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