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Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981 – PG)

March 2, 2009

Originally posted on October 12, 2003


In Raiders of the Lost Ark a skilled professor of archeology and finder of rare things is commissioned by the United States Government to find out just what Hitler and the Nazis are looking for (the Ark of the Covenant) and then keep them from getting it. Basic idea anyway.

The series, which was made by the dynamic duo of film: Spielberg and Lucas, has the feel of the classic American, swashbuckling, adventurer who always wins in the end. You can’t have a good good guy, without having good bad guys, and it doesn’t get much badder than the Nazis. Good films for the family, and they remain classics to this day. I am just pissed its taken em this long to release em on DVD.

Story = 20


Harrison Ford is one of Hollywood’s best actors of all time. From Star Wars to Force Ten from Navarone, from Blade Runner to Witness, from The Fugitve to K-19 The Widowmaker, Ford doesn’t disappoint movie-goers or movie execs. Add Denholm Elliott and John Rhys-Davies, who return in their roles in future Indiana Jones movies for some nice continuity, and you have good, solid, likeable characters.

Cast = 20


Two words: John Williams. He is, in my opinion, the greatest composer to have ever lived. His pieces are memorable, widely known, and quite moving. The Indiana Jones suites do not disappoint. I think any movie with Williams as composer will get a 20.

Soundtrack/Score = 20

Quote/Catch Phrase

Hmm, can’t think of one, but I can remember some great scenes including the fight with the German soldier on the bomber which leads to the soldier’s choppy death, and the scene with Indy falling in the pit of snakes… man, good times. Oh, I have one… it’s weak, but it’s a line, “Close your eyes,” Indiana admonishes as the Ark is opened by the wicked Nazi officials and leads to the painful death of all who behold God’s power and wrath. Not much of a catch phrase, not much of a score.

Quote/Catch Phrase = 2

(EDIT from 2009 – How I forgot “Top men” is beyond me.)


One of the best movie series of all times. Factor into the score the fact that Harrison Ford was involved in another of Hollywood’s great series, Star Wars, and that there are similar scenes found in both (Han Solo blindly charging after Storm Troopers in Episode IV, and Indiana Jones blindly charging after Indian soldiers in The Temple of Doom), and then the great swashbuckling good guy that is Indiana Jones, a fantastic score, and attractive leading ladies, with the exception of Karen Allen in Raider of the Lost Ark, and you have a great mystique. Not to mention that a 4th movie is in the works… man I am excited about that. Cold War era perhaps?

Rewatchability = 20

(EDIT from 2009 – I was bang on about the Cold War, eh? Then again, that always seemed obvious.)

Total Score = 82

Only the catch phrase was weak, and I just may have temporarily forgotten one, but I have a great one for The Temple of Doom tomorrow. Good crap this.


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