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Daddy Day Care (2003 – PG)

March 11, 2009

Originally posted on October 22, 2003


In Daddy Day Care, two recently fired fathers in an effort to save, and indeed make money, start a day care service.  The established giant of local day care takes umbrage, and tries to run them out of business.

Story = 16

Acting: Eddie Murphy, Jeff Garlin, Steve Zahn, Kevin Nealon, Lacey Chabert, Anjelica Huston, Rachael Harris, Leila Arcieri, Regina King, Jonathan Katz, Siobhan Fallon, and Elle Fanning all have roles in this uplifting comedy. Elle Fanning is the younger sister of Dakota Fanning who first made it big in I Am Sam, and in fact Elle also makes an appearance in that film. Good quality acting, but nothing truly mind-blowing in the film, after all, it is a comedy.

Cast = 14


From Mozart to the Jackson Five, from BTO to Beethoven.  This soundtrack has a little bit of everything, but they don’t give the feel of a great sound track.  It’s more like a hodge podge assortment rather than a clever compilation.

Soundtrack/Score = 14

Quote/Catch Phrase

“I missed.”

Quote/Catch Phrase =  12

A nice PG film for the whole family to enjoy, but certainly not destined for greatness in the annals of anything.

Rewatchability =  12

Total Score = 68

The movie took a while to develop, and doesn’t really have any priceless comedic moments rather a few giggles here and there.  I didn’t like Kevin Nealon’s character.  He was a jerk in this movie.  I dunno, I just got used to him as the slightly screwie good guy in the Sandler films.  A good one for little kids, and yet not trite enough to utterly annoy the adults in the room.

Couldn’t find the trailer, but this scene gives you the idea.

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