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An American Werewolf in London (1981 – R)

March 14, 2009

Originally posted on October 27, 2003


In An American Werewolf in London, a couple of American backpackers are in England roaming the countryside when they are attacked by what appears to be a werewolf. One dies, but the other is merely injured. Florence Nightingale rears her not so ugly head as a nurse falls in love with the recovering American. Things are looking up… until the next full moon, and then everything comes to a head… a werewolf head that kills several Londoners. How will this ugly curse end?

Story = 18


David Naughton (who was in Midnight Madness), Griffin Dunne, Lila Kaye, Jenny Agutter, John Woodvine, and Frank Oz. You may not recognize most of these names, and perhaps for good reason. Actually, Lila Kaye is good, and was also in The Canterville Ghost remake with Alyssa Milano which is still one of my favorites. Frank Oz is friggin Miss Piggy, and it doesn’t get much better than that… cept for maybe YODA! Really, the only underachiever in this movie is Naughton. Unfortunately, he is the star.

Cast = 14


Three different versions of the classic “Blue Moon,” and the Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Bad Moon Rising.” How fitting is that?

Soundtrack/Score = 16

Quote/Catch Phrase

“Mommy, a naked American man stole my balloon.”

Quote/Catch Phrase = 18


Well, this is a horror film I guess, but it’s not really horrific. It’s a love story too, but we all know those are weak. It is an eighties movie, and it shows.

Rewatchability = 14

Total Score = 80

Plus 8 points for being an eighties film that I like, making the total 48/50 or 96% It is a weak movie really, but it holds some nostalgic niche in my life. I can vaguely remember the first time I saw this movie. I had stayed home from school, as I frequently did when I didn’t feel like going, and I pulled out one of the several hundred video tapes of movies we had, and got to watching. It quickly became one of my favorites, and I have watched this movie a few dozen times. Who needs school when you have movies?

(EDIT from 2009: While I still endorse the movies > school philosophy, I no longer award a bonus for films as a result of being made in the 80s.)

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  1. October 27, 2010 7:09 pm

    Considering its often campy competition, it’s hard to argue that, if your in the mood for lycanthropy, London is the place to go. Nice post, check out my review when you can!

    • November 10, 2010 2:45 am

      I actually read your review soon after your post, but just now got around to making a comment on your blog. Thanks for reading, and thanks for pointing out your review of the film.

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