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Wagons East (1994 – PG-13)

March 30, 2009

Originally posted on November 26, 2003


In Wagons East, a small western town in the 1880s gets fed up with the hardships of the west, and decides to travel back to the east in a wagon train.  Meanwhile, a railroad tycoon wants to stop their exodus because he doesn’t want people back east thinking the west stinks.   Otherwise, it would lower the value of the land, and the purpose of a transcontinental railroad would become obsolete.

Story = 16


John C. McGinley, Richard Lewis, John Candy, Robert Picardo, Melinda Culea, Lochlyn Munro, Abraham Benrubi, Charles Rocket, Don Lake, and Ethan Phillips.  I hate Richard Lewis, but he is almost tolerable in this.  John Candy was one of my favorites, and this is his second to last film.  John C. McGinley totally makes this movie.  He is hilarious.

Cast = 16


Nothing special.  Just some generic western themes.

Soundtrack/Score = 10

Quote/Catch Phrase

“Happy Valentine’s Day.”  Admittedly, that sounds lame, but its the way that McGinley says it.  He plays a homosexual in this role… a stereotypical homosexual.

Quote/Catch Phrase = 18


A crude comedy to be sure.  Some good nasty humor here and there.  McGinley rocks.  John Candy fans should check it out.  It’s less than an hour and a half, so even if you don’t like it it won’t waste too much of your time.

Rewatchability = 14

Total Score = 74

Sounds about right.  It’s good for a laugh especially with a lot of sleep-deprived people.

(EDIT from 2009 – This is the only clip associated with the film I could find.  Sadly, it shows how poorly John Candy was doing during the filming.  I miss him.)

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