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Brigham City (2001 – PG-13)

April 15, 2009

Originally posted on December 20, 2003


In Brigham City, a quiet Utah town becomes home to a serial killer in action.  Can the local sheriff figure out who the killer is before any more murders occur?  A great deal of the plot depends upon the fact that the majority of the town and the suspects are Mormons.  For that reason, it brings a unique element which I haven’t really seen done in movies before.  Fortunately for me, as I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or as most people call us, Mormons, this film was made by a Mormon and doesn’t slander the Church in any way.

Story = 16


This is another otherwise decent film plagued by the curse that is independent filmmaking.  The acting is ok, but nothing extraordinary.  The only “known” actor is Wilford Brimley, although the director, Richard Dutcher, also stars.  I think that’s usually a bad idea to direct and star.  Being a supporting role is one thing, but not starring.

Cast = 12


Again, no budget, no music.

Soundtrack/Score = 02

Quote/Catch Phrase

Nothing truly profound in the script that is summed up in just one line.  I do like the tagline of the movie though, “Nothing attracts a Serpent like a paradise.”  I would hardly call Utah paradise, but whatever.

Quote/Catch Phrase = 08


If you are LDS, or a Mormon for the uninitiated, then you might want to check this film out.  It is the best film I have yet seen from an LDS director making a specifically LDS themed film.  If you like murder mysteries, and don’t mine the drawbacks that independent, and or, low budget filmmaking has, then you might want to give this movie a look too.  It really isn’t that bad a film.  I enjoyed it, and not just because I am LDS.  In fact, I am constantly irritated at the lack of quality put up by LDS filmmakers in general, but this is a movie for which I would actually consider buying the DVD to support the filmmakers efforts.

Rewatchability = 14

Total Score = 52

Wow, from that score you wouldn’t have thought I actually liked this movie.  I wish films like these would get the backing of studio money rather than the majority of films that are produced with big money that end up just being rehashed tripe.

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