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LOTR – The Return of the King (2003 – PG-13)

April 16, 2009

Originally posted on December 22, 2003

I am pissed. I just typed up a nice long review of The Return of the Kings, went to publish it, and bam…. lost the wireless connection.

Here is a severely abridged version, as I really don’t feel like redoing it all.


It concludes the Tolkien trilogy which is the basis of all fantasy stories today.

Story = 20


The cast is done to perfection, and if the casting director did not receive an Oscar yet, they should.

Cast = 20


Howard Shore again is superb in his abilities to make great music, and the editing and integration of the music with film is perfect.  Pippin sings a song during one scene that really raises the whole scene to the next level from merely good to down right compelling.

Soundtrack/Score = 20

Quote/Catch Phrase

I had one from Sam talking to Frodo, but screw it.  I am pissed.  The best line in my opinion, although there are many good ones, comes in form of song in the aforementioned scene involving Pippin and Denethor.

Quote/Catch Phrase = 20


Just check the sales of this film.  Tolkien fans have been dreaming of live action versions of the books for years, but always feared a lackluster picture.  Peter Jackson, a fan himself, does not screw these up at all.  In fact, the story telling of the movie exceeds the admittedly flawed storytelling ability of Tolkien.  I loved the books, but the movies are far more exciting and accessible.

Rewatchability = 20

Total Score = 100

A fantastic film.  The best of the three, and that is saying something.

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