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Seinfeld alternate ending

September 12, 2009

I’ve been a Seinfeld fan for… well, pretty much since the show was originally on air. I then became a Curb Your Enthusiasm fan after about 4 or 5 seasons of that show (I didn’t have HBO, otherwise I’m sure it would have been sooner).

I first read that Curb would feature a reunited Seinfeld cast several weeks ago. As in, Larry David (on Curb) decides to bring the show back (or something along those lines). I didn’t expect to see Wayne Knight, aka, NEWMAN!, but that’s an awesome bonus. I wonder how many other characters will make an appearance. Anyway, here is a video about the episodes in question, and the most satisfying statement might come near the end when Jerry says the show will essentially have a new ending. How cool is that given the infamous finale of the show?

I’ll say this too, when I first heard about the idea of bringing the cast back within Curb, I thought it would be funny if they brought the show (Seinfeld) back, and that it received horrible reactions; like it fails to garner any ratings, everyone hates it, etc.  In other words, it flops.  Then people talk about how awesome the finale was in comparison.  I figured it would be something along those lines.  We’ll see.
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