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Some more music videos

November 14, 2010

Here are some more videos I have watched fairly recently.  This first is from a band called Warpaint that was suggested by someone at a message board I visit.  If all bass players looked like that, people would be playing Bass Hero instead of Guitar Hero.

Then I tried finding a video I remember seeing when I was in junior high.  I only remember that it was Rockapella singing “Zombie Jamboree,” and this has to be it.  It’s not exactly how I recall it, but pretty close.  Their performance doesn’t start until 2:37 or so, and it’s from a Spike Lee project that for some reason hasn’t made it to DVD yet.

That is almost the lineup of the group I know best, but there was one change made by the time Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego hit the waves.  Man, I loved that show.  It saddens me that it is not on DVD either.

One of the cool things about the show was stuff like this, albeit with annoyingly out of sync audio.

This one is kind of funny too.

And this is a compilation of several of their singing clues.

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