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December 4, 2010

First I have to post this video:

It’s funny, and all, but the song is just about as catchy as you can get.  Not long after I saw this video (I had never heard the song before, but apparently it’s popular, hehe), Glee covered it.  On a somewhat related side note, Heather Morris is awesome:

Then I decided to see if there was a video by the original artist.  There was:

I’ve had the song stuck in my head all day, and it was the impetus for making this post.  I’m listening to it on loop right now.  I do that until the song is no longer playing in my head.  Sometimes it works.

Glad to see more 80s retro-ish sound.  I found this looking up a movie I think:

The unaired Doctor Who opening for Craig Ferguson was as awesome as he and Matt Smith intimated.  Ooh la la, producers:

Green Lantern is still my favorite superhero, and I can’t wait for this film:

Saw this on Digg I think.  Which Harry Potter Cast Member Has the Best American Accent.  I’m mildly surprised Watson’s isn’t slightly better as she has been studying in the States.  It’s fairly clear any of them could get at least a generic accent down with some practice.

And without any segue, a man fights for his right to day.  I’ve yet to hear a compelling argument against this.  It’s the humane thing to “put down” an animal, but humans must suffer?  Selfish and Puritanical traditions.

I know it was supposed to be an example of the horrors of an overpopulated world, but I really like the idea shown in Soylent Green.  Sadly, the sound is out of sync, but it gives you the idea if you are unfamiliar with the scene:

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