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My Top 10 Least Favorite Movies of 2010

December 29, 2010

I had to really struggle to pick my 10 Least Favorite Movies of 2010.  Some of these I actually enjoyed, but given that I had only seen 33 films at the time of writing this my pickings for worst were slim.  I guess that means that it was a pretty good year.  There are still a handful of films I haven’t seen yet that would probably make my top ten otherwise.  Oh well.

10. Get Him to the Greek – R

I had two problems with this film.  First, it annoyed me that Russell Brand was playing the same character from Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but that Jonah Hill wasn’t.  At the very least, they could have made some reference to it via a joke, but they never did.  Secondly, it falls prey to the same trap Forgetting Sarah Marshall did.  Namely, that by the end of the film I am no longer pulling for the protagonist.  In Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Jason Segel cheats on Mila Kunis‘ character after having been cheated on himself.  At that point, I wrote him off.  Jonah Hill’s character kind of sort of cheats on his girlfriend (I don’t think their break up was clear enough, but apparently his character did so I can at least tolerate it to a degree), but then he lets Brand’s character in on a ménage à trois with his girlfriend as a means of restitution for “cheating” on her.  Which is it?  Either he he cheated, or he didn’t.  That wishy-washy crap is even more disgusting than the aforementioned threesome, and that’s saying something.  There were some funny bits, and some awesome cameos including an excellent couple of scenes with Lars Ulrich.

09. Superman/Batman: Apocalypse – PG-13

This is another one that I didn’t really hate so much, but is acting as filler for the purpose of this list.  The story wasn’t all that great in my opinion, and it seemed a mighty waste of Summer Glau. Kind of funny that last year I used a Superman/Batman movie too.  I blame Superjerk.

08. Grown Ups – PG-13

I was quite disappointed with this one.  This movie had tons of hotties, including Selma Hayek, and some of my favorite comedic actors, but they all get thrown into this cliched film about growing up.  Weakness.  I didn’t hate it, but it was average at best.

07. Shutter Island – R

Not unlike Grown Ups, Shutter Island was a disappointment.  That’s forgivable in a comedy, but not so much in a drama.  The trailers ruined the “surprise” element of the film, and despite some awesome performances by the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, it just didn’t do anything for me.

06. The Last Airbender – PG

I’m still an M. Night Shyamalan fan.  When I heard he was adapting the show with its creators, I expected a solid return.  Then I saw the trailer, and was even more excited.  Man, what a let down.  It was completely disjointed, the casting was almost all wrong, and the charm of the characters was nowhere to be found.  The action sequences were beyond stale thanks to slowing everything down.  Sequences that should have been exciting literally put me to sleep.  On top of all that, they changed up the races of the tribes (I hate political correctness), and inexplicably changed the pronunciation of the main character’s name.  It still makes me sad thinking about it.  I was hoping Shyamalan would kill with this one.  Sigh.  He did.

05. Diary of a Wimpy Kid – PG

In fairness, I only started watching this film about half way through. I knew it was a kid’s film, but sometimes those can be awesome (see Thunderpants).  This wasn’t.  Now that I think of it though, I think The Last Airbender was worse.  Seriously.

04. Resident Evil: Afterlife – R

Unlike the other movies on this list so far, I knew this one would suck.  I felt compelled to watch as I love Milla Jovovich, and have seen the other Resident Evil films.  They just get steadily worse.  This one clearly tops them all.  It was like they tried to get Milla to look as hot as she could (and she can look pretty darn hot), and then had her act as badly as she could while still keeping a straight face.  I’m telling you, I think there are times when she is about to bust out laughing before they quickly cut to something else.  I also just hate the whole Resident Evil story line really.  Lame.

03. Survival of the Dead – R

This one looked horrible, but I’ll watch a George A. Romero zombie film no matter how bad it looks.  The only good thing about this movie was Athena Karkanis.  Her acting was just so-so, not that a zombie film is indicative of a person’s range or anything, but she was hot.  She was the only one I cared about.  All of the rest of them could have died, and most did, but she’s the kind of woman that needs to stay alive in a zombie apocalypse even if she is a lesbian.  Someone has to repopulate the planet, and if that means a lesbian has to take one or two for the team, then I humbly submit my petition to be her ball boy.

02. Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief – PG

From a movie with an actress named Athena to a movie with Athena as a character.  I’ve heard the books weren’t bad. I don’t know.  I do know this movie stunk.  The problem with these kinds of films is that you need to find kids/teenagers that can actually act.  They failed.  There were tons of names in this movie like Sean Bean, Pierce Brosnan, Steve Coogan, Catherine Keener, Uma Thuman, Joe Pantoliano, and Rosario Dawson, but this film still isn’t worth a watch.  OK, the scene with Rosario is.  Man, she’s smoking.  The next film is not.

01. Smokin Aces 2: Assassins Ball – UR

I think this was unrated not because it went straight to DVD, but because no one could sit through the whole thing.  The first one was good, violent fun.  This was bad.  Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad.  I figured if Vinnie Jones was in it that there would be at least a couple of decent scenes.  There weren’t, but at no fault to Vinnie.

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