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Clearing my bookmarks again – part deux

March 3, 2011

This is Guillermo from Jimmy Kimmel Live at the Grammys.  Dave Mustaine did not take the joke well:

A really well done fan video of Doctor Who with music from The Muppet Show:

I could have sworn I posted this before, but here’s an audio essay from Stephan Fry about language:

Any similarly, a video about Grammar Nazis that spoofs Inglourious Basterds:

And Stephen Fry again on the subject of language via a skit from a Bit of Fry and Laurie:

And Rowan Atkinson with John Cleese on stage doing a skit from back in the day:

And Stephen Fry (he’s awesome, and I kept clicking on more videos) on Whose Line is It Anyway?:

And again:

Once more:

Somehow I discovered than another favorite Brit comedian, Matt Lucas, was featured on an album.  That led me to the discovery that last year they did a 25th anniversary concert of Les Misérables.  I loved the 10th anniversary concert, and in some ways the 25th is better.   Here is Lea Salonga’s Fantine (I prefer her Eponine, but she’s awesome as always):

This is one of the encores, and I have to say that Alfie Boe is quite a bit less annoying than Wilkinson.  I like them both:

And Nick Jonas as Marius was surprisingly decent.  If he had more power behind his voice (he was still just 17 at the time I believe) then he would easily be my favorite.  Even at 17 his Marius is more manly than Michael Ball’s (I still like his performance in many ways too).  If Jonas can get some more oomph and therefore not chop off the end of phrases he’ll be pretty darn good.  Apparently, he played Gavroche on Broadway:

This is Matt Lucas’ Thernadier.  He has also signed on for the part in the West End production:

They’ve also announced that a film version of the musical will finally be made too.  I just hope they get singers that can act rather than actors who can kind of sing.  I like Gerard Butler, but still think he was a poor cast in Phantom.  I hope they don’t get stars that can’t do the key parts justice.

Finally, here’s a Les Miz medley as performed at The Royal Variety Performance.  I love Tom Baker:

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